The Marketing as an Online freelance Teacher

Market Your Online Teaching Business! Take Control!

Marketing can be overwhelming, but when you know who you are targeting and where, it gets much clearer

Do you want to be an online freelance teacher?

Do you want control over your pay?

Do you want to teach your passion without restrictions?

Do you want to market as an online teacher?

Here is what you'll learn:

In this short guide, you will learn how to define who your ideal student is. This is the key. How can you market as an online independent teacher when you not really sure who you want to teach. When you define your ideal student, you have a better idea of how to appeal to your ideal student. You will also learn where your ideal student is on social media! You will also be put on the list and notified when more content will be made available to help you become a successfull online indepent teacher!

I would love to teach students online on my own platform! I didn't think of it this way. You're right. I should know who my student is first!"

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